Sunday, June 10, 2007

Teacher gets $142K Raise, But You Can Win $25K For Your Music Room!

All across the nation teachers complain about low salaries and often lower morale. In New York, there is at least one college professor that will not be complaining any time soon, although it does perhaps give the rest of us even more to gripe about. Ask yourself, what would you do with a 142k raise?

Ever had a problem remembering the title of a song even though you know the melody like the back of your baton? Well, Professor Pisano has written a little article on a little thing called Parson's Code that might just help out.

Time is running out FAST for a competition that could land you $25,000 worth of new equipment for your band room! Check it out now and sign up quick!

With cutting down to only two issues per week I am finding myself overrun with stories for my Monday and Thursday issues. These are a few of the best, but even more are available on the web site: